What is a GST Return?

GST Return is a document that contains the details of income which a taxpayer that has to be filled as per the law as per the tax authorities All the entities who have a GST registration are supposed to file GST returns as per the due date schedule (mentioned below).

Irrespective of whether you are into business or sales, it is mandatory for you to file the GST Return.All the returns are filed online and there is no provision for revising the returns.

Who should file GST Returns?

Under the GST regime, any regular business will have to file a three monthly return and one annual return. Summatively this will amount to 37 returns in a year.

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Benefits Of GST Return Filing

Integrated Platform

The Implementation of GST has streamlined & standardized the Indirect Taxes. A Business would no longer have to obtain multiple VAT Registrations in different states.

Lower Taxes

The GST is liable only if the business crosses an annual turnover of Rs 20 Lakhs (Rs 10 Lakhs in Hill States or North East).

Incorporation of Various Taxes

GST incorporates various other taxes like the Central Sales Tax, Additional Customs Duty, Purchase Tax, Luxury Tax making the tax collection & compliance easy.

Smooth Business Functioning

GST reduces the compliance burden on businesses enhancing the smooth functioning of the business

Schedule for Filing GST Return

1 GSTR-1
Contains monthly details of outward supplies in FORM GSTR-1 by the 10th of the next month
22. GSTR-2
Contains monthly details of inward supplies in FORM GSTR-2 by the 15th of the next month.
33. GSTR-3
Monthly return on the basis of the finalization of outward and inward supplies along with the payment of the amount of tax. This is done in FORM GSTR-3 by the 20th of the next month.
44. GSTR-9
Annual filing of return in FORM GSTR-9 by the 31st December of the next financial year.
5GST Return Process
  • File GSTR-1 for the Sales made
  • Sales are viewed by the buyer in GSTR-2A
  • Buyer approves the sales & files GSTR-2
  • Post approval from the buyer & seller, GSTR-3 is generated with payment of taxes.

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